Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank

The Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank Endowment Fund) supports and funds the strategic development of international scientific cooperation and dialogue between science and industry in the field of Financial Economics.

More than Money: Creating social capital is the central objective of the Deutsche Bank’s commitment to society. To this end, the Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank provides important funding and support to the research sector.

Just as economic activity requires international cooperation among professions, scientific development requires dialogue between industry and science across disciplines and across borders. The Stiftungsfonds Deutsche Bank seeks to intensify dialogue and knowledge transfer between science and industry, thereby contributing to the global knowledge economy.

Current News

Award ceremony

Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics 2015
goes to Stephen A. Ross

The Jury has chosen Ross for his groundwork and fundamental contributions to the analytical development of financial economics. Jury Chairman and CFS Director Jan Pieter Krahnen explains: "For more than 25 years major models developed by him have marked the economic world. His models relate to the theory of asset pricing, the analysis of the term structure of interest rates, understanding option prices, and the basic structure of the principal-agent problem. The work of Stephen A. Ross has shaped today’s thinking in financial innovation, practice, and policy."

The academic prize is sponsored by the Deutsche Bank Donation Fund and carries an endowment of 50,000 euros. It was presented to Stephen A. Ross as part of an academic symposium in Frankfurt on 24 September 2015 by Jan P. Krahnen, Jury Chairman and CFS Director (photo, on the left), and Juergen Fitschen, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Deutsche Bank (right).
LinkClick here for more information on the Deutsche Bank Prize

Two winners of the DB Prize honored in Stockholm

Eugene F. Fama, Robert J. Shiller and Lars Peter Hansen have been announced as winners of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013 for their groundbreaking work in analyzing trends of asset prices.


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